Ownership, Earn-in and Royalties

3% State net income production on all claims

100% Ownership of Stellar Project

Altius Royalty on core Stellar claim blocks:

  • 2% NSR for precious metals
  • 2% Gross value royalty on U3O8
  • 1% NSR for other metals (including Cu)

Millrock 1% NSR on all claim blocks within Area of Influence (AOI) for all metals

Advanced royalty payment to Millrock from March 2019, US$20k in year 1, escalates by US$5k per annum, deductible from royalty payments,

Cash payment milestones to Millrock:

  • $1M on delineation of 1Moz gold in JORC-Indicated Resource at Zackly
  • US$2M on delineation of 1Mt contained copper metal (or equiv.) in JORC-Indicated resource anywhere on the property

Earning 80% project interest in Caribou Dome and SV Metals Claims and 90% of the Hatcher Claims

  • Earn-in achieved upon earlier of Feasibility Completion or
    spending US$9M by 2023
  • Minimum spend of US$2M every 3 years
  • Annual payments of US$100k until 2022
  • US$1.36M final cash payment in 2023
  • 5% NSR, purchasable for US$1M per 1%



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